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Fitproheal provides functional coaching, personal coaching and functional  rehabilitation sessions in the Northen area of Mauritius.


The Forbach Stable, Esperances, Trebuchet


Assessing your body before starting any physical activity is a must to avoid injury.

It is the first step towards your goal...  


Motivating you and pushing you to give the best of yourself through single personal coaching sessions or Combo Packs


Some  sort of  muscular disbalance  comes from improper mechanism   Creating pain


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Personal and rehabilitation coach in Mauritius 

Accompany you to Figure out your needs..

Physical well being is prior for a healthy and balanced life.  The modern era brought amazing tecnologies but requires us less physical activity in our everyday life, which results in very low muscles activation and a constant rise of health issues. 

FitProheal Mission is not only to accompany it's clients reach the physical plastic of their dreams but also accompany you in healing any past injuries, work on muscles disbalances and make you a stronger version of what you dreamed of.

American philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson's saying 'Health is the New Wealth ' is one of the values and resumes our mindset and our goal for each of our clients. We accompagny our clients through functional rehabiliation sessions after some injuries, or physical pain that  create muscdisbalance  and work on muscle activation and strengthening, which will result in healing the pain, or at worst cases, decrease it. We also provide personal coachings for your personal goals such as working on Weight loss, upgrading your fitness level, working on your stability, correcting your body posture and  so on.




About the Trainer..


Kerwin started as a trainer more than 10  years ago, after being himself a passionate about the fitness and bodybuilding world for morstly 2 decades now.

After years of working across the island in different gyms as a coach, he finally decides to start fitproheal almost 3 years ago, with an objectif of not only attaining physical goals but sensibilising his clients about health and a good life style that comes with fitness and sports.


When the question is asked why Fitproheal, here is the respond : 

 'Just wanted to share my passion, my professionalism, my knowledge with You'

With a constant urge to get better and accompany each and every client to the highest objectives possible, 
Kerwin also aknowledge that constant study and reserches about the body is a must. There is always something new that we can learn about, new technics that is going to boost and upgrade your training sessions

- General Fitness

- Cardio/PowerTraining

- Weight Training

- Functional & Core Training
- Sport  Training
- Endurance Sports
- Power & Speed Enhancement

- Nutrition Plans

About he trainer
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What they say about us

Kerwin is an absolute legend!

The best personal trainer I have ever worked with - without a doubt. Under his guidance I massively improved my strength and physique and really miss his sessions now that I am living back in the UK. I always looked forward to training with him - working hard but also having a laugh! Kerwin really knows his stuff, understands how to get the best out of you and always has a great energy. I am also very proud to now call him my friend.

Thank you mate!

John D.
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Kerwin has been coaching and training both Tim & I for nearly 2 years and we have found him very professional as he has a vast amount of experience. His presentation is amazing and he really goes out of way to ensure that you are getting the best advise for our needs. In the beginning I needed rehabilitation exercises and I never dreamt that I would reach the stage that I am at now. He has also helped Tim who has been training for years and advised him what he could improve on.


Sandy K.

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Kerwin is an incredibly knowledgeable and caring trainer.
I have always been fairly fit and enjoyed the gym, but with Kerwin’s guidance I reached the best level of fitness of my life!
Unfortunately I now live in the UK and miss my weekly training sessions so much.
Thank you Kerwin for all your encouragement and helping me be the best I can be!

Catherine D.

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Équipements de gym

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